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Thursday, April 05, 2007


More proof that cats are better than dogs

Iowa Library’s Cat Has a Rich Second Life as a Biography - New York Times

Dewey Readmore Books, the heroic library cat who ruled for 19 years in the Spencer, Iowa, public library, passed away last November, and now his life will be celebrated in a biography. The book just sold to Grand Central Books, for an advance of $1.25 Million! The Times' report compares this book to the very popular Marly & Me, which was about a Labrador retriever.

The article notes that the dog bio went for an advance of only $200,000. That's just more proof that, as I've always maintained, cats are better than dogs! Aside from the monetary implications, you have to admit that a cat so dedicated to books and libraries was truly a great public servant. Dewey, and the library he adopted, deserve every penny.

I'm sorry I never got to meet Dewey, although he lived not far from me. I'm going to ask for this book for Christmas! I'm sure that it will inspire me to write my own autobiography. I'm going to sit down and start writing the proposal right now.

P.S. You can find out more about Dewey on the Spencer Library site. His rules for cats who run a library are just perfect.

P.P. S., Despite my derogatory comments about dogs, I'll be keeping company with some of them, and lots of cats and birds (yummy!), at this week's Friday Ark. On Sunday, look for the Carnival of the Cats at Bad Kitty Cats. (At least I hope so; the cats report that their humans are having some computer issues. Check at the Carnival of the Cats home page for updates.)

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