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Monday, January 16, 2006


Games for Catymology: The Interactive Schrodinger's Cat

While trying to figure out what amanuensis meant by "not enough room to swing Schrodinger's cat," I got sidetracked by this fascinating little plaything.

The Interactive Schrodinger's Cat: "The 'rather silly' part of 'A Rather Silly Experiment In Quantum Physics'? You're soaking in it. Now here's the 'interactive' bit. By pressing the button you 'simulate' all that probability half life decay-jibberish by enacting a simple script. This will accordingly choose LIFE or DEATH for our wee quantum furball.

Go ahead -- hit the button below to discover the potential fate of Schrodinger's kitty...

Intrigued, I pounced upon the mouse and was relieved to find out that Schrodinger's cat lives! Nine lives are their own reward.


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