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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Forward: Pine County Tigers Update

We've posted before about the Wildcat Sanctuary. Here is an update on the two abused tigers they recently rescued.

Volume 4, Issue 8 April 2006

Pine County Tigers Update

The Wildcat Sanctuary has taken into custody the two remaining tigers from Cyndi Gamble's property. Prior to the tigers arriving we were flooded with media calls and requests and tried to be accommodating. Now that they are in our care, we need to focus on them as well as building permanent habitats for our existing residents. We will send our donors and supporters updates and pictures as soon as it is appropriate.

Everything we do must be in the best interest of the cats in our care. The two tigers are in questionable health and of course are traumatized from the commotion and the move. They need to be thoroughly evaluated by staff and our veterinarians during the next several weeks and any health issues must be addressed. Exposure to media at this time would simply further agitate and traumatize them. We take the responsibility to consider their needs first very seriously.

In addition, as a certified sanctuary (ASA and TAOS), we are not open to the public and are committed to exposing
all of the cats to as little contact with people with whom they are not familiar as is possible. Unfortunately, participating in further media coverage simply draws the curious and yes, results in the presence of helicopters flying overhead. We need to buckle down and do the work that fulfills our mission to help ALL the cats at our new site.

We hope our supporters in the public and media understand the need for us to stay focused at this time.

Thank you.


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