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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Mayan Religion, sliced and slimed into fractal chaos

Some humans have nothing else to do but hunt around the WWW for topics of interest. Alas, my human friend amanuensis is one of those humans. Today she googled "Catymology," a practice that she seems to find as addictive as catnip. "Ach, die lieber! Oy, vey! Quel fromage?" she muttered. (Whenever amanuensis starts muttering in tongues, I know she must really be upset.)

It turns out that she was reading a site about Mayan Religion. As you recall, our friend Darcy Xenophon visited the Yucatan on his honeymoon. On the [link removed, thanks to Virge--see comments] page, it says:

Those who actually know anything about ancient Mayan religion should know what I mean.11/9 Read Mayan religion handout. Michael added: "Given our relationship and our belief in the modern religion of Catymology,I find it interesting, but I hope that this revival is not really rooted in authentic ancient Mayan religion. Gated ResortAt the gates of the 1500 year old Mayan ruins, a small group of from Cancun to Chichen Itza on a quest for the BalamMayan for jaguar. The king stands in profile, There are still completely Mayan towns, but much of the land often gets appropriated and turned into gated resorts. The Mayan images are filled, overflowing, with resonant symbols.

How strange: the site is quoting parts of the story about Darcy's honeymoon (highlighted in red), but turns it into word salad. The whole site is like this. Is it the diary of a demented scholar? Is it the work of a Mayan-obsessed Random Surrealism Generator? And what do they mean by this reference?
Ancient Mayan Religion Pricing
Or this?
The Ancient Mayan religion was also had a very major and important job in the Mayan politics, military, and economy. Their region was inhabited by foxes, owls, jaguarsFRACTAL CHAOS Crashes the Wall between Science and Religion Chaos Theory, Dynamic ancient Mayan symbols in Sterling Silver.

Legitimate sites about Mayan religion and civilization have been Osterized into the Mayan Religion soup--Lost Civilizations, for example. While musing on this phenomenon, click on the link for the Sublime Directory--if you dare. This sublime directory is a service of Yahoo. What kind of service? It's so full of ads for porn that it should be called the Slime Directory.


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By harvesting semi-related phrases from the blogosphere, automated "content" generators can construct pages that Google's web crawlers will track as valid pages. Any links on those pages will appear to be valid web references that will boost the page ranking of the sites they point to.

It's web noise, designed to screw with Google's ranking algorithms in order to move an advertiser's sites further up the search result list.

By placing a link to their site, you're helping those advertisers promote their services. You're boosting the rank of their advertising site, which boosts the rank of the sites they link to. I'd suggest adding a
tag in your link so that they don't get any extra google juice from your site.

By Anonymous Virge, at 8:03 PM  

Hey, Virge. Thanks for explaining this. I will do as you say.

By Blogger Aloysius, at 8:24 PM  

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