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Thursday, June 15, 2006


The Scratching Post: What is the Feline Theocracy?

K T Cat of The Scratching Post: explains What is the Feline Theocracy?:

"The Feline Theocracy has always been with us and always shall be with us. Cats domesticated people thousands of years ago when we head bumped some primitive human and wound our furry little bodies this way and that between his legs as he was carrying groceries into the cave. Of course, he tripped and fell down the slope in front of the cave, spilling the groceries and twisting his ankle, but we accepted this tribute nonetheless and gladly lapped up the wildebeest milk that emerged from a cracked gourd he had dropped. His wife fell in love with us right away and thus we gained our human servants."

Oh, KT! Why did I not consult you sooner? I'm linking to your site right now, and I look forward to many more posts like those you hunted down in your weekly roundup.


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