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Friday, February 09, 2007


Valentines to catbloggers

I'm sending Valentines, big shiny Valentines, to my special catblogging friends.

Chris Dolley makes me fall over laughing with his hilarious Kitten's Guide series. Read some recent entries here.

Cato, the perpetual candidate, has developed the perfect platform: I am self cleaning.

KT Cat, Maximum Leader of The Feline Theocracy, kindly dubbed me poet laureate.

Zeus the amazing always has a new trick up his sleeve.

ArtsyCatsy, run by a team of 15 formerly feral cats, takes E-commerce to a whole new level. And C.E.O. Rocky even has a MFA -- Master of Feline Arts!

And how could I forget that lovable Meezer, Chey? Like Cato, Chey's running for President. Are all Meezers natural politicians?

And, of course, Laurence Simon, King of the Catbloggers, is never afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve--at least when it comes to cats.

Purrs and treats to all of you! Be sure to send your goodies in to the Friday Ark at Modulator, and on Sunday, to the Carnival of the Cats at When Cats Attack.

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