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Friday, June 23, 2006


Au fil du temps / As time goes by: février 2006

This Canadian blogger is a sensitive writer and a gifted photographer. And the resident feline, Mademoiselle Loulou, is beautiful, too.

Au fil du temps / As time goes by: février 2006: "As time goes by, our self-image, the story we tell ourselves regarding our own life and the lives of our loved one, none of those are ever definitive versions. They are constantly being rescrambled, rewritten, enriched. People around us are born, raised, grow old, die, come and go into our lives, and they all change us. Places too change us, where we've been, where we hang, what we long for. And so does music that we listen to, books we read, cultures we encounter. Isn't our vision of the world perpetually under construction ?"

We have a lot in common, Loulou and I. Check out the photo of her with her computer!


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