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Thursday, June 22, 2006


YEOWWW! It's a really BIG cat toy

Wouldn't you like to see a picture of tigers playing with a REALLY BIG catnip toy? Me, too! Unfortunately, there's no photo accompanying this item from the newsletter of the Wildcat Sanctuary:

DuckyWorld Products is making a natural catnip filled toy just for big cats. But their company also makes great, catnip toys for our companion felines. Visit http://www.duckyworld.com/ to learn more. We asked Kevin Duck how he came up with this concept and here was his reply:

'It is a curious challenge. I know how our regular type house cats are affected by our Yeowww! brand toys and I get a lot of satisfaction out of the fact that by using the best catnip I could have grown for us and using a lot of it in toys, it was what people around the world have been wanting. Catnip toys, when I started DuckyWorld 10 years ago, were all fuzz filled and a sprinkle of catnip or mix. It is not so expensive to fill a toy and it is just a good healthy treat for them.

I was curious to see if it would work on big cats as I knew know one was making toys for them. I first approached the Minnesota Zoo who said to test a toy on a big cat, it would first have to go before a review board for approval. If approved, a fee would be attached for testing. I understand that as they have costs and liabilities. We are a small company and while we do sell globally, we are now responsible for a small number of humans that make all those toys available. I could not afford to test this big cat toy in this arena. I was talking with my good friend Trisha, owner of Urbanimal in Minneapolis on Lyndale Ave. Trisha told me about Tammy Quist and her efforts with the big cats. [Quist is the director of the Wildcat Sanctuary.]

What a great idea, that day I contacted Tammy. The rest is more than I could have ever asked for. We have more than enough big cats now who not only love but look like they are deriving great pleasure from our original big cat toy. Remember, I get great satisfaction from that. They do not seem to bunny kick in the first tests but instead...and sometimes in groups of 3, rubbing all over the toy. It is really unbelievable. Maybe bunny kicking comes on the second date! Wheeeee...

The toy is still in development but is natural, safe, and it keeps them entertained and thinking dreamy thoughts. It is substantial in size for the big cats. We will be naming the first toys Meme's toy. The final name will be up to Tammy. We will tell you more soon.

I like the fact that anything we can do as humans to help these cats be happy is a small price to pay. These cats have needed rescue. Tammy is there to save them. She loves them so much and any person lucky enough to go out there can see it. We do this because we thought of it. The pain of not doing anything would be greater.

For crying out loud...Let the kitties have a little YEOWWW! back in their lives. Also, catnip is not intoxicating. Just good ol' fun. They need to be safe, pain free and happy...we all do!'

Kevin Duck
DuckyWorld Products, Inc.

I'm going to write to Mr. Duck and see if he's got any pictures to share. YEOWWW!



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