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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Make your thingpoddy purr like a cat

Yo, cats and catted ones,

While my brother-in-mischief Aloysius takes the day off, I got onto his thingpoddy and found some pretty strange stuff. You heard where he's testing that new kitty litter, right? So is Laurence Simon over at his bloggy. I figure cat-driven marketing is the wave of the future. And at least one other marketing guru thinks so too, making big noise about "A Nat Cat-driven marketplace." I'd point you over there, but it's set to dump a file on your thingpoddy, so goggle it yourself, if you don't mind a little desktop litter.

Anyway, after I hijacked the thingpoddy, I got curious about the outfit that sent that free kitty litter to test. Do you want to make your thingpoddy sound like a cat? Then get on over to their webby page, and download some free alert sounds. I set mine to "hiss" when I get new mail, and to "purr" when I do something bad. Why? Cause it's fun, and it confuses the humans.

Speaking of humans, Michele and Michael raved over Frisky's post about Maddie and her family.
John: If you accept the cat into your life then you are the one responsible for it. Your cat is a wonderful creature, but there's a lot that it can't do for itself, and you're the one who has to get it done. One other thing: you have to learn to read your cat. Lots of times it won't show affection in ways that we humans have learned to read, but that doesn't mean it's not there. When your cat sits down by you, and turns it's back on you, think about the fact that a naturally loner-sort-of-predator has turned it's back on you, a much-larger-higher-up-the-food-chain-sort-of-predator. That's an act of trust and affection from a cat, not aloof disregard. Keep that in mind and you'll do well.
And that's how things are going in my family, too, which is why you haven't heard much about Michele and Michael lately. Goodness is so boring!


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