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Monday, June 26, 2006


If it's Tuesday, this must be Spam

If it’s Tuesday, this must be Spam: I know it's Monday, but you can still read this on Tuesday.

Since Darcy announced the big Virtual Spam Supper, we’ve received a lot of one or two spam emails here at Catymology Central. The gist of these messages is: What?

Let me explain.

The Virtual Spam Supper is where you send in a post about Spam or spam. Spam with a captial S is the tasty Hormel meat product in a can, and little-s spam, is, you know, spam email. Here are some suggested categories:
If you need inspiration, here’s a link to a recipe from Food TV’s recipe archives: Sam's Spam Schnitzel with Truffleyaki Sauce over Kim Chee Fried Rice. Chef Sam Choy will actually be preparing this dish on Emeril Live, in an episode to be broadcast June 27; that’s tomorrow! According to Darcy, Chef Choy is really big in the restaurant scene on Oahu. (Judging from his publicity photo, Chef Choy is really big in number of ways. That's cool, though. More goodness to go around.)

More inspiration: a spam-poem entitled "Honor be to Mudjekeewis!" by Geoff Nunberg, which starts off:
In my in-box, every morning,
Greetings from a slew of spammers,
Each, to fool the filters, using
In the header and the body,
Random lines from "Hiawatha":
"And the fierce Kabibonokka"
(Get your clearitol and cum pills); . . .
Seems like a number of spammers have adopted a quasi-Hiawatha theme. I just checked my spambox, and it's true! And so I say:
I live here in Hiawatha’s
Little corner of the city,
In the land of Gitche Gumee,
Near the falls of Minnehaha.
While I love trochaic rhythms,
Pussyfooting down the pages,
I deplore the spammers’ snitching
From the poet Longfellow!


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